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PATAGONIA ROAD is an inbound travel operator specializing in personalized, custom trips to South America with tours to Patagonia region, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. We have known this fascinating part of our globe for many years and have indeed spent a part of our lives here. We design a truly unique alternative to the traditional prepackaged tours. We have tailor-made self drive trips in South America, just tell us your desired destinations and we will design your itinerary with all the services you wish to include. We have also active tourism options (horseback riding, trekking & hiking, whitewater rafting and birdwatching) as well as special theme tours.

We have also full guided overland tours traversing the endless tracts of Patagonia either by four-wheel drive vehicles or minibus, always accompanied by an English or German speaking driver (who at the same time acts as guide, mechanic if needed, and above all as an incomparable connoisseurs of the country). Despite an organizational framework essential in this region, our aim is to remain as flexible as possible, so as to be able to accommodate the wishes of the participants. The tours offered on this website are intended as examples of what we can offer you in travel services, to enable you to propose your own ideas about a tailor made trip to South America.

In general we try to keep daily travel times under four hours, and only rarely will it be necessary to have a whole day of travel only. In between there is always enough time to rest, to enjoy nature, to hike or ride on horseback, to visit special sites or to undertake other excursions.

We are dedicated to preserving the culture, environment and wilderness of South America areas through low impact travel.

Here is a selection of custom trips to Argentina & Chile, offered as private tailor-made trips. Featuring exclusive trips to South America:




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