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Vineyards private trips - tailor-made theme trips to Argentina - South America

Vineyard boutique hotel - Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaPrivate wine tour in Argentina

* Duration of journey: 17 days, 16 nights

* Best months to travel: All year round - October to April (milder weather)

* Visiting: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Luján de Cuyo, Maipu, Aconcagua national park, Uco valley - Neuquen, Rio Negro Valley, Lanin volcano, San Martin de los Andes, Bariloche.

* Type of trip: private, custom theme discovery trip

The wine-making region in Argentina ranges between the 22° and 42° South latitude. It spreads at the foothills of the Andean Mountain Range along over 2,400 km., from the Province of Salta to the Province of Rio Negro, with a variety of climates and soils that makes each region a unique land.

Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaIn general terms, the areas dedicated to wine cultivation are dry and arid with a low level of rain and humidity, determining factor as regards grape health. Abundant sunny days and thermal amplitude favor a good maturity and concentration of aroma and color in the grain. Soils are deep, permeable and poor in organic matter, decisive qualities at the time of obtaining good wine. Due to the low rainfall regime, irrigation is necessary. Water comes from meltdown from the Andes, descending in the shape of rivers which turn into channels or ditches.

* Includes: Contact us for quotes (this is just a possible option of a wine trip to Argentina, itinerary may be individually catered to your needs and wishes as a private tailor-made trip). We usually include accommodation, transport, guiding or a self-guiding itinerary with car rental, excursions)-

Congres house Buenos Aires - Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaCustom, private wine trip itinerary:

Day 1: Buenos Aires

Arrival to Buenos Aires international airport, reception and transfer to the hotel, 3 overnight stays at hotel Babel.
Dinner. (-/-/D) 

Day 2 – Buenos Aires / city tour

Visit the historical neighborhoods and the main touristic sights and discover the beauty and charm of Buenos Aires, its wide avenue, 9 de Julio; where you will have an outlook of the Opera House (Teatro Colón) and the Obelisk. To the south, the civic and historical center of Plaza de Mayo, The Government House (Casa Rosada), The Metropolitan Cathedral and The Cabildo.

Boca Buenos Aires - Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaYou will also sightsee the old neighborhood of San Telmo, which is well known for its Flea Market on Sundays. Next, La Boca, where the first Italian immigrants arrived in the second half of the XIX century; famous neighborhood due to its picturesque and colorful architecture and its main street Caminito.

To the north, Puerto Madero, one of the newest and more expensive neighborhoods in town. Then Retiro, and next Palermo, a residential area surrounded by french style parks. Finally you will visit Recoleta, one of the exclusive neighborhoods in Buenos Aires with elegant boutiques, excellent restaurants and outdoor coffee shops. Here, we will walk around the cemetery to visit Evita's Mausoleum, and have lunch.

Day 3 – Buenos Aires / Tigre delta / tango

Tango show Buenos Aires - Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaYou'll take a picturesque ride along the Rio de la Plata on the coastal Tren de la Costa train and visit the extraordinary ecological area of the Parana River delta. The luxurious homes and attractive coastline of this lovely area are only 18 miles (30km) north of Buenos Aires.
At the evening tango show with dinner: Experience the emotion, grace and glamour of this famous musical genre from the Rio de la Plata first-hand on an unforgettable night out in Buenos Aires.


Day 4 – Mendoza
After breakfast you will be transferred to the local airport to take your flight to Mendoza. Reception and transfer to the hotel, 4 overnight stays at Finca Adalgisa.

The Province of Mendoza is the most traditional area in the viticultural industry and the wineries settled there deserve an independent chapter each. It is impossible to talk about Mendoza without mentioning each one of them: López, Valentín Bianchi, San Telmo, Escorihuela, Cavas de Weinert, J&F Lurton, Trapiche, Flichman, La Rural, Norton, Félix Lavaque, Lagarde, Navarro Correas, Nieto Senetiner, Goyenechea, Chandon.

Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaDue to the extension of the Province of Mendoza, it is necessary to divide it into zones, according to their significantly different weather, height and soil characteristics.
High Zone of the Mendoza River: with heights ranging from 800 to 1,100m over sea level and various microclimates, this is a zone where almost all noble varieties of wine have easily become adapted. Malbec outstands.

Northern Zone: zone suitable for fruity white and young red wines, with a height from 600 to 700m.

Eastern Zone: with a height ranging from 600 to 700m, this is the most productive wine zone in the province.

Uco Valley: this is a zone of colder weather and higher altitudes (between 800 and 1,400m over sea level). The largest part of the vineyards is located on the Pre-mountain range slopes. Wines with very good acidity are obtained.

San Rafael: with heights ranging from 450 to 800m.

Day 5 – Mendoza / Luján de Cuyo
Malbec wine - Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaToday we will visit two Premium wineries in the wine growing area of Luján de Cuyo, the home of Malbec and where the most prestigious Argentine wineries are located.

Carmelo Patti’s bodega El Lagar (a small boutique winery), is a wine making legend in Mendoza - nearly a one-man army. He makes all his wines single-handedly and with all the attention and care of a true master-craftsman. Not only is there no reception area, no tasting room, and no tour of any kind, there didn't seem to be any staff, but his wine has brought him to festivals and events around the world. 
Next comes a visit and tasting session at Bodega Carlos Pulenta, an ultra-modern winery, which is complemented by a gourmet lunch in their restaurant “La Bourgogne” (sister to the famous restaurant in Buenos Aires of the same name).  Lunch includes their Corte B range wine.
Night in Finca Adalgisa.

Puente del Inca  - Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South America
Day 6 – Mendoza / Aconcagua National Park & The High Mountains

We start a very scenic drive to Aconcagua National Park, following a route steeped with history.  You follow the old Trans-Andean railway as it climbs through the stunning Uspallata valley, a route known as Seven Tunnels.  Just before the Chilean border, you arrive at Aconcagua National Park (and take a small trek to Los Horcones Lake), where the imposing summit of the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas can be viewed.  You lunch at Puente del Inca (the Incan Bridge). This is a naturally formed bridge over a steep ravine, around which is a complex of thermal baths.  On the return route you pass the picturesque town of Uspallata, before joining the Rio Mendoza which leads you back to Mendoza city. 
Night in Finca Adalgisa.

Day 7 – Mendoza / Maipú

Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaToday we visit the wine growing area of Maipú. Here you will visit Bodega Tempus Alba a winery producing one of Argentina's most impressive Malbecs “Punto Final” (which you will taste).  You will also visit Bodega Carinae a French owned winery, where the owner Phillipe will be your host.  Lunch is in an exclusive farmhouse restaurant - Almacen del Sur where we enjoy house specialities such as Malbec jam and sun dried tomatoes.  A short tour of this working farm is included.  Return to Finca Adalgisa. The afternoon is free for your choice of activity.

Day 8 –  Mendoza – Valle de Uco

On this day we pick you up early in the morning and drive south along legendary Ruta 40 to the exclusive high-altitude wine growing area of Valle de Uco (1 1/2 hours drive from Mendoza City).

Uco valley - Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaThis is the new frontier in Argentine winemaking and contains some of the most dramatic vineyard scenery in the world. The snow-capped Andes loom overhead with 1800 metre vineyards running into the foothills. We will visit Bodega Andeluna. Silvio Oscar Alberto is a winemaker with unparalleled experience and style. His approach combines a deep appreciation of the kind of fruit that only Argentina can produce, with a complete mastery of modern winemaking techniques and philosophy.
After lunch we continue to Antu Cura winery, located in the Vista Flores area of Mendoza’s Uco valley. Guided tour. 1 overnight at the lodge.   
Drive distance: 110 km paved road.

Day 9 – Valle de Uco - Neuquén
Grapes - Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaIn the morning starting a long driving day towards South until reaching the Province of Neuquén, and its winery region of San Patricio del Chañar. 1 overnight stay at Bodega Valle Perdido, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World chain.
Drive distance: 690 km paved road.

In the Province of Neuquén there have been vineyards and wines for several decades but they had not managed to transcend until the rise of the "Bodega del Fin del Mundo".
With excellent quality soils for the development of vines, thermal amplitude surpassing the 20º and a scarce rain regime, this new region will certainly give way to comments in the next few years.
As the cold weather and the constant winds favor the sanity of vineyards, insecticide treatments are practically non-necessary.

Grapes - Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaDue to its agro-climatic conditions, noble grapes such as Malbec, Merlot and Pinot Noir will certainly find an ideal soil to express themselves in this area.

Day 10 – Neuquén – Río Negro

After breakfast visit of the winery. Lunch.
In the afternoon our trip leads us to the Province of Río Negro, the southernmost viticultural region in Argentina. 2 overnight stays at Noemía winery.    
Drive distance
: 95 km paved road.  

The High Valley of Río Negro meets ideal weather conditions for the production of wines that will be the basis for sparkling wines made mainly from the Semillon grape.

Grapes - Vineyard of Mendoza- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaLikewise, varieties such as Pinot Noir and Merlot manage a balance between sugar and acidity reminiscent of European wines.

The best virtue of the area is the strong wind, as it produces dryness in the environment, thus avoiding the appearance of diseases. This is translated into the possibility of producing organic wines, without the addition of agrochemicals.

The great thermal amplitude- especially in the Fall, when the fruit matures, enables the grape to do so slowly and perform a better accumulation of acid sugars and flavors.

Day 11 – Rio Negro
Visit of two wineries:
Noemia wines - Vineyard of Rio Negro- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaThe Noemía winery project is the result of the discovery of an ancient vineyard, planted with Malbec grapes in the 1930s, in a remote nook of the Río Negro Valley. The arid weather of the area, the great amplitude between day and night temperatures, the well-defined seasons and the area free of any disease did the rest.

Countess Noemí Marine Cinzano, famous producer of Italian wines and Danish winemaker Hans Vinding-Diers, were partners in this project. They perceived the fitness of the place and the perfect micro-climate of the valley for the production of high-quality wines.

The vineyard occupies only 1.5 hectares, has been planted with Malbec pre-philloxera vines from the Massale selection and it is irrigated only 5 times a year. After ripening, grapes are collected at dawn, by hand, and then transported directly to the winery.

Noemia malbec grape - Vineyard of Rio Negro- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaAll the production of Noemía de la Patagonia wines is purely handmade, without the intervention of any machine whatsoever. The endless commitment between winemakers, the effort and desire to make old style wines and the reliability of its owners in this delicate undertaking give origin to a rich, complex, concentrated, exuberant, delicate, elegant but, above all, genuine Malbec. All the production is exported directly to England.

The Bodega Humberto Canale, founded in 1909 by the engineer after whose name the company was baptized, had a fundamental role in the development of viticulture in this region. In this way, the high valley of Río Negro acquired the category of specific terroir , and the grapes grown there were recognized as having the single qualities granted by the geographic location of such region.

Four generations later, the winery combines the founder's craft wisdom with the most modern techniques.

Humberto Canale malbec Vineyard of Rio Negro- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaThe whole infrastructure is addressed to the constant enlargement of its operation capacity in order to assist the increasing export demand especially from Northern Europe and the United States . Nowadays, the winery is managed by engineer Guillermo Barzi Canale, who together with a highly qualified team, the support of assistants of international prestige and under the protection of the great master Raúl de la Mota, form a group that harmonizes efforts in order to obtain the best viticulture of the cold areas.

Day 12 – San Martín de los Andes

After breakfast drive South to San Martín de los Andes, located on the shores of Lake Lácar, within the Lanín National Park. It is a paradise of peace and quietness, immersed in an environment of rivers, waterfalls, mountains and magical forests. 2 overnight stays at the cozy hotel La Casa de Eugenia.  
Drive distance: 435 km paved road.

Day 13 – Lanin volcano
Lanin volcano - Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaDay excursion to Mamuil Malal, at the feet of huge Lanín volcano (3779 m), passing through a forest of thousand-year-old araucarias. (B/LB/D) 

Day 14 – Bariloche
Today our trip leads us south along beautiful so called 7 lake road to Bariloche, lying on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi and surrounded by snow covered mountains and forests.  
In the summer, trout and salmonids fly-fishing and sports recreation (especially hiking, river rafting and walks around ancient forests, as well as climbing most of the peaks surrounding the city) are some of the activities enjoyed by visitors to this great city. 3 overnight stays at Villa Huinid hotel..
Drive distance: 200 km paved road. 

Patagonia Steppe - Rio Negro- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South America

Day 15 – Bariloche

Day visit of Estancia El Cóndor, located 30 minutes east of Bariloche, surrounded by the very colorful Patagonian steppe, which offers an opportunity to discover the unique historical flavor of a traditional estancia and to see first hand inner workings of life on the ranch. The estancia is well known in the area for producing a breed of sheep that produces both great tasting meat and high quality wool. The estancia manager cooks an excellent “cordero a la cruz”, which is locally raised lamb cooked slowly on an open fire.

Day 16 – Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche Rio Negro- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaDay excursion to El Bolson and El Hoyo, an area where strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cassis, corinto, cherry, cherry and other wild fruit plantations are treated without the use of agrochemicals nor pesticides, caring and preserving the natural and ecological character of the town.

Day 17 – Buenos Aires / departure

Transfer to the local airport, flight to Buenos Aires, transfer to the international airport, departure flight. (B/-/-)


References: B (breakfast) / LB (lunch box) / L (lunch) / D (dinner).

Wine tasting Vineyard of Rio Negro- Wine tour in Argentina - Private, tailor made trip South AmericaThis is just an example of what we can offer you about wine tours in Argentina as a private trip, we can cater part or the whole vineyard trip for you, offering an exclusive tailor-made tour for you. Please contact us

If you want to book the Argentina private wine trip, click here

Price includes
Private transport in Mercedes Sprinter minibus or 4x4 vehicles.
City tours in Buenos Aires in private service with bilingual guide.
Tango show with dinner (transfers and beverages included).
Professional, bilingual wine host.
Daily itineraries as per programme.
Visits and tastings at premium wineries.
All meals as listed in the programme.
Bottled mineral water for the journey.
Accommodation as per programme, double occupancy, breakfast included.
Internal flights.

Price does not include
Personal insurance

TIPPING ADVICE: It is normally considered etiquette in Argentina to tip waiters, chauffeurs, and hotel staff up to 10% of the bill. We have not included any gratuities in our price.

Please note: This exciting Argentina wine trip package is a totally private wine experience and is NOT a group tour. Available all year round.

Early reservations for this tour are recommended.
Visits to different wineries or restaurants may vary at times according to season but we guarantee the highest standards to ensure that our customers find the best wines and enjoy a fantastic visit to the Wine Country.



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